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Gorewad Monsters

Gorewad Monsters

Name of Toy Line: Gorewad Monsters
Production Company: Ironilla Productions
Distributor: Eric Nilla
Years of Production: 2012
Countries/Regions Available: Worldwide via the Web
Size/Scale: 1"
Figure Trade Markings: None
Approximate # of Figures: 3 sculpts, multiple colorways


Gorewad Monsters come from the twisted mind of Jimmy Rommel, aka Ironmask/Iron Heights. Rommel shared a bit about the Gorewads at the LRG forums saying they "are a secondary line that I call Gorewad Monsters. They serve as kind of a companion set to the upcoming Universe of Violence line, and an ode to my love of gross out lines, like GPK and Boglins, and such." According to a post at Rommel's blog, IRONHAUS Productions, he first began working on the concept at the end of May 2012. Rommel tapped Eric Nilla to do some molding and casting, and a month later they had their first test pulls. The figures were available to purchase in mid July 2012.

Each of the three sculpts stands at a diminutive one inch tall. Eric cast the figures in a firm, rubbery material with a nice weight and glossy finish.

Let's take a look at these guys!


Gorewad Monsters Gorewad Monsters

A super fun and gory little sculpt, Hammerguts appears to be a humanoid shark tearing open his chest allowing his guts to spill onto the floor. Why? Why not! Mr. Rommel has shared delightfully little about these sculpts (at least to my knowledge) so us collectors are left to make sense of things ourselves.

Diet Hell Turtle

Gorewad Monsters Gorewad Monsters

This may be my favorite of the trio, but I have no idea what to make of it! Judging by its name, it seems to be a turtle. Of the three sculpts, Hell Turtle has the most refined detail. Unfortunately, my camera struggles to capture the detail of hot-colored figures. I'll be sure to post more pics of this sculpt when I get it in other colors.

Anyhow, this little guy seems to be holding a large, anatomically correct heart in its arms. Is it Hammerguts' heart!? And on the back of his shell, he's sporting the ugly mug of some wild-haired dude. Who is it?


Gorewad Monsters Gorewad Monsters

Another creative piece, HippoROTamus appears to be a humanoid Hippo with a gapping mouth. I can't be certain, but based on its name and details of the sculpt, it appears that the left side of his body and legs may be rotting away... Nice.

For their first venture together, I'd say Ironilla Productions has hit a grand slam. The figures are well-sculpted, and I have a feeling that Rommel's sculpting skills and resulting future pieces will be even tighter than these three. The characters are creative, original and strike a balance between gore and cartoon mini figure goodness. Eric Nilla's molding and casting skills are superb and his materials are great, giving the figures a fine texture, weight, gloss, and color.

Finally, the price point: 12.00 USD is an unbelievable value for these guys. I'm hopeful that this line will be a success for Ironilla Productions and that us mini-figure collectors see many more Gorewad Monsters in the very near future!

Let's end with some comparison pics of the Gorewads and some of their new, mini-figure friends.

Gorewad Monsters

Hammerguts and Kinnikuman MEAT

The amount of tight detail that Rommel was able to sculpt at this small scale is quite impressive. Truly.

Gorewad Monsters

HippoROTamus and a Bad Bad Ball

You know you're hideous if Bad Bad Ball Toad Eye is repulsed by you!

Gorewad Monsters

Group shot. Smile! (Or, if you're Hammerguts, pull your chest open. Sigh.)

That's all for now. As I said, I'll be updating with better pics of Diet Hell Turtle in the future, and other pics in general. This is definitely (hopefully) a line and collaboration team to keep an eye on.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool pieces. I have a set of these and am impressed with the quaity and detail.

King.the.100t said...

Love these guys. Very well done!

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