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Name of Toy Line: Ecologini

Production Company: Partner SPA

Distributor: Amico Giò

Years of Production: 1990

Countries/Regions Available: Italy

Size/Scale: 1"-1.5"

Figure Trade Markings: None

Approximate # of Figures: 12

Details :

Thanks to an awesome and fortunate find, finally we have been able to uncover the details of this italian toyline. Produced by Partner SPA for the toy stores chain Amico Giò in 1990, these figures were available only as a free giveaway if a certain amount of money was spent in the store.


Unfortunately I don't remember the exact amount but I can guess, judging by the year, that it would have been something between 5€ and 10€.
The gimmick of these figures is the ecology and the defense of our enviroment, a theme commonly used by toys at that time (Captain Planet comes to mind), each one has a special ability like eat smog, oil, garbage and litter or absorb TV radiations or noises.


There are 12 different sculpts in the line casted in a deep shade of green, inside neat little cardboard boxes, featuring strange forms, bizzare proportions and protuberances.
The sculpting style of the figures seems to resemble (in a not so subtle way) another toyline: G.E.R.M.S., a nice and colorful collection of gigantic real germs in test tubes, you can see and read more on the Dork Dimension or at Bogleech.

Here's the advertisement published on kids magazines at that time:


And the traduction:
The nature-saviours little geniuses.
Children, run to Amico Giò. There are the ECOLOGINI for free. Make friendship with each one, learn their strange names and you'll see how fun they are! Flip the page and you'll find your Amico Giò.

Some comparison shots, these guys fit very well with any kind of monocolored figures!


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