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Universe of Violence

Universe of Violence

Name of Toy Line: Universe of Violence
Production Company: Ironilla Productions
Distributor: Eric Nilla
Years of Production: 2012-2013
Countries/Regions Available: Worldwide via the Internet
Size/Scale: 2"
Figure Trade Markings: None
Approximate # of Figures: 7


This independent mini-figure toy line is brought to use by the demented minds of Eric Nilla and Jimmy Rommel. Apparently unsatisfied by the constant onslaught of violence and depravity brought to us everyday by the MSM and Entertainment Industrial Complex, they decided to add to the insanity by creating the Universe of Violence. (This is the same creative tandem behind Gorewad Monsters.)

By my count - which may be wrong - UOV currently stands at seven (7) unique sculpts, 5 of which will be featured in this entry. Both Eric and Jimmy have sculpted pieces for this line, while Eric does the mold-making, casting, and distributing.

The figures stand at approximately 2" tall and are made of rubber. They come in a wide range of colors. Let's take a look.

First up is Eyeklops, who I've already featured here at MXD. He's a hulking, tentacled cyclops sculpted by Eric Nilla.

Universe of Violence Universe of Violence


Next up is Blemmyae Warrior. Ridureyu, a professional toy collector, has a nice little write up about this piece on his excellent Flickr stream (which I used as a reference for this entry). This piece was sculpted by Jimmy Rommel.

Universe of Violence Universe of Violence

Blemmyae Warrior

Deadface, also sculpted by Rommel, is a delightful fellow who works full time as a murderer. One of the perks of the job is apparently free clothing and jewelry.

Universe of Violence Universe of Violence


The Brute is another violent creation whose pastime appears to consist of making things die. He was sculpted by Nilla. I'm particularly fond of the trunk of this sculpt and would love to see an alternate version of this character with a different head and limbs.

Universe of Violence Universe of Violence

The Brute

A standout of the line so far is the aptly (if not creatively, haha) named Big Arm. He stands out with his unique form and utter grotesqueness. I mean really, he's just nasty. He completely reminds me of Tetsuo from Akira whose growing powers cause his body, and particularly his arm, to grow wildly and horribly out of control. This is a Nilla piece.

Universe of Violence Universe of Violence

Big Arm

Tetsuo (Akira)

Last up is Cedargief by Rommel. As the name implies, and the detailed sculpt shows, he's made of wood. One of my favorite sculpts of the bunch.

Universe of Violence Universe of Violence


A pretty solid line up so far, and one that is just beginning. Two additional sculpts have already been released for the line, Hell Turtle and Elephunt, that are currently not featured here. Look for them in the near future. These guys appear to be just getting started. I anticipate even more high-quality and creative pieces to come in the future!

Additional Images:

Universe of Violence

Universe of Violence Universe of Violence

Universe of Violence Universe of Violence

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Universe of Violence

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