Sunday, March 30, 2014

Body Wars Figure Foto

Body Wars
Body Wars
Mordle & Body Wars

Toy Lines: Body Wars & Rocks & Bugs & Things

Color: Maroon and Orange w/ paint apps

Collector's Note: I was unable to find a resource archive for the Body Wars toyline. If anyone knows of one, please let me know. Perhaps Dr. Nano will stop by and give us the name for the figure featured here. :D

Edit: See the comments for some information about this piece courtesy of Dr. Nano!


nanoFatato said...

Hey Soups!
thanks for the "Doctor" by the way, ahaha!
Here we have an "Air-Scare", from the Body Wars playset "Sgt. Battle Breath and the Laser Lung Vs. The Air-Scares".
It's good to see you posting again! :)

Soupie said...

Thanks for the info as always mate! Yes, I hope to be posting on a more regular basis now!

The last two entries you posted here really inspired me. I especially love all your Gormiti posts!


Famicomrade said...

I have owned these toys as a child. I remember that they were part of a playset that closed had the form of a pair of lungs, and the form of a sci-fi a military base when open, the good guys where besieged there and had to defend the lungs from these bad guys who were microbes or something harmful to the lungs.
I'm planning to rummage in the attic of the house of my parents to recover many of my old toys. I hope to find this one and in that case I will deliver some new informations.

Famicomrade said...

Ooops! I just noticed in another post that you already have all the information!
Okay I take this opportunity to make you my compliments for the blog.

Soupie said...

Thanks for your efforts to share info, and thanks for the compliments!

Mason said...

I just recently learned of these Body Wars micro play sets. They're awesome! There are 3 carded sets on eBay currently, the Skull, Heart, and Lungs sets.

Gog said...

Hi Soupie, Here is Juan from the blog toysfromthepast, we talked to each other a long time ago, as you commented there (if I recall well, relative to Yolanda's Super Monstruos). I'd like to ask for your permission to take this picture, modify it (I will split it into two, one for each monster, clean the background, save it as a png) and use it in the next issue of the magazine we do and giveaway for free. The foto will be credited ((C) If you need more details about the magazine, please just ask. Thanks! Juan

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