Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Gegege and Bad Bad Ball

Toy Line: Rampage Toys Custom & eraseez: Animal Series 1

Sculpt Names: Luchador & Hamster

Color: Light Blue & Pink and White

Collector's Note: The Rampage Toys custom is an original head sculpt mashed-up with a Kinkeshi/MUSCLE figure body. It's made of a hard resin material.

You can learn more about Rampage Toys and get your hands on some figures by visiting his official website. It looks like he recently teamed up with The God Beast to have his figgies cast in some purdy colors!

Also, the Hammy is actually a cool, two-piece figure. I suppose it's due to its two-tone colorway.

Gegege and Bad Bad Ball

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nanoFatato said...

Wow! Love the color of the Luchador!

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