Monday, June 20, 2011


Bad Eggz MUSCLE Can


Mecha Brains

Keshi Thingz

Inspiration: Haha, okay, those are all crap-o names, but I'm just having fun. These are my submissions for OMFG! Series Two. If you haven't heard, OMFG! Series One has been fully funded. In fact, it took just five days of pledging. However, pledges are still being accepted; according to George of the October Toys website, coordinator of the project, additional funds will be used to make more colors and Series Two! Of course, you can also pledge just to make sure you get your share of Series One figures!

Medium: Pencil

Artist's Note: The first two characters, the BEB and RBT guys, were inspired by the M.U.S.C.L.E. can. I've always been a fan, not just of minifigs, but of their packaging and packaging art as well. I would love to see the iconic M.U.S.C.L.E. can incorporated in to OMFG! S2 in some way, shape, or form.

Mecha Brains (a play on Mega Brains) is simply an attempt on my part to pull two of my favorite toy concepts together: Brains and Mechas!

Finally we have Keshi Thingz. I love keshi, plain and simple; I think everything in keshi form is awesome. Doesn't matter what it is, if you make it in the form of a keshi in pink, light blue, green, or whatever colors, I've got to have it! Keshi Thingz is the perfect way to make everything into a keshi. It could be a mini M.U.S.C.L.E. can, a hamster, a mini Nintendo Wii, a mini iPhone, a toe, a one-eyed anteater, the list goes on.

Check out the OMFG! Series Two Submission Toypedia Flickr set to see all of the entries so far, with more coming every day. Or follow along with the OMFG! Series Two thread @ October Toys.


Ericnilla said...

Great designs~!

nanoFatato said...

I love the can idea! And seriously, we need a keshi holder like Keshi Thingz, think about one in robotic style like Megaman or one in monster style or one in animal form.. A uber-cool way to display your keshi! Yay!

Soupie said...

Thanks guys! Please, feel free to make posts for your submissions too!

Nano, I love your ideas for "Keshi Thingz." (We need to think of a cooler name, haha.) Maybe somewhere down the road, we can commission someone to sculpt us 3-4 Keshi Thingz mecha bodies!? :O

I'm sure we could find someone to prototype and cast us a couple copies. :O

Soupie said...

How about Mecha-keshi? Or Keshi-Mecha?

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