Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Virus Attack Figabulary

Toy Line: Virus Attack

Sculpt Name: Netestor

Color: Light Blue with Dark Blue and Orange paint apps

Collector's Note: Virus Attack is another wonderfully creative toy line from Giochi Prezioso and GiG, the teams behind such lines as Gormiti and Exogini. The line consists of a total of 24 unique sculpts. Each comes with some type of removable armor/clothing. Look for more coverage of this line in the future as well as a (wait for it) full entry some time in the future.

In any case, this is a totally sweet mini figure. It's made of a soft PVC which is super very nice. I've got it displayed with my BEB collection!

Special thanks to Toypedia contributor and Webmaster of Rubberfever, nanoFatato, for trading me this figure!

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nanoFatato said...

Love the dark background Soups, great shots!
And I'm glad you found on of the coolest looking sculpts of the line haha!

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