Friday, September 2, 2011

MOTU Figabulary

Halo Wars

Toy Line: Masters of the Universe

Sculpt Name: He-Man

Color: Red

Collector's Note: This figure is from a MOTU toy line from Portugal. The figures are very small, about an 1" or 1.5" tall. Check out Nuno Mata's informative post regarding these figures at his excellent blog, My Best Toys.


The Rebel said...

Hey, I remember these! I come from Malaysia...and way back in the 80s, these mini-MOTU figs came with a type of junk-food us kids use to buy at convenient stores etc. I used to have all of em! Extras were traded between us kids....everyone had a 'complete' collection of these mini figs =) ....sweet memories!

Soupie said...

Thanks for sharing! This would have been a great little toy line to collect as a kid!

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