Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bomberman Figabulary

Halo Wars

Toy Line: Bomberman

Sculpt Name: Partz

Color: Blue

Collector's Note: I don't know anything about this figure's origins. It's about 2" tall and made of a nice, heavy rubber vinyl. It has no trade markings at all. However, the sculpt reminds me of a certain breakfast food character...

Halo Wars

If you know anything about this figure and would care to share, please do so in the comments below. Thanks! Thanks BAH for the ID in the comments below! (And nano as well. :D)


Brothermidnight said...

kind of reminds me of Frankenstein Jr

Soupie said...

Yeah, it definitely has a Frankenstein feel to it. Hopefully someone recognizes it!

Bigazzhead said...

It had 2 things screaming Frankenstein and Bomberman at me.

And after a little digging my suspicions were confirmed.

nanoFatato said...

Yes it is, the other 'mummy' sculpt you got Soups is another character of that IP!

Soupie said...

Nice detective work, BA! And thanks nano; as soon as BA said it was a BM fig, I thought "of course!"

I'll post pics of the others eventually too! You really hooked me up! :D

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