Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dinofroz Figure Foto


Toy Line: Dinofroz Combact

Sculpt Name: Megaglyptodon

Color: Green, Dark green, Light Yellow, White, Black


Soupie said...

Hm, pretty cool sculpt. Kinda maybe sorta reminds me of a BEB a little bit. And I know I always say it, but I'd love to see this sculpt in a mono colorway. XD

Soupie said...

I think it's the chunkiness of the sculpt that reminds me of a Bad Eggz figure. They all tend to be a little chunky, which is a good quality in a mini fig methinks.

nanoFatato said...

You're right, the chunkiness is definitely BEB-like.. If I find some other sculpt I'll try to peel off the paint, I wonder how it would look..

Kaizar said...

This kind of figures drive me closer to discover reason behind my mysterious love for toys. I can almost imagine it growling on the palm of my hand.

Amazing piece!

Nuno Mata said...

I have a buch of them...never got the opurtunity to finish this collection.

Its really great!

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