Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gormiti Figure Foto

Toy Line: Gormiti Morphogenesis

Sculpt Name: Poison

Color: Blue, White, and Grey

Collector's Note: This new Gormiti series really deserves an entire entry of its own; instead I will just make this a very picture-heavy Figure Foto and will then add this information - with larger versions of some pics - onto the end of the already created Gormiti entry. (As all the information on the following materials is in Italian, my knowledge about this line is limited. Nano Fatato, who is much more knowledgable about Gormiti, may want to chime in too.) For now, more pictures!

As you can see, the appendages of the figure - head, arms, legs, and wings - are removable. They are easily removed from their joints by simply pulling on them with a little force. They pop back in just as easily. Along with the appendage snap-in points, the arms are articulated at the elbows.

So far, they seem to retain a secure, snug fit. The figure itself is made of a nice, sturdy PVC and has a nice feel to it.

From what I've been able to gather, the idea is that parts from various figures can be switched and swapped. Thus the name of the line, Morphogenesis. It's a pretty neat idea. (If you like it, be sure to check out Onell's Glyos toy line.)

Along with the figure, the packaging included an instructional page for disassembling a figure, a bio card of the character - Poison, and a graphical checklist of all the figures in the line (I think).




For those who like mini figures, but prefer some action figure-like qualities, this interesting Gormiti line might appeal.

Super special thanks to my mate, nano Fatato, for hooking me up with this great piece!

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