Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yolanda Pirate Figure Foto

Toy Line: Unknown

Sculpt Name: Unknown

Collector's Note: This figure bears the word Yolanda in raised letters, which allows one to deduce that it was made by Yolanda. However, that's all I've been able to deduce; even after a Google search for "Yolanda Pirate Toy," which, er, resulted in several pics of women presumably named Yolanda playing with, ahem, toys.

So, though this figure appears to be a Yolanda pirate figgy, I can't say to which toy line it belongs. Shame because it's a fun sculpt (though my above pic didn't capture too much detail unfortunately). I would love to see more from this line.

Super very special thanks to my mate, Christian, for hooking me up with this figure via LRG. Be sure to check out Christian's Flickr photostream. It features dozens of high quality pics of mini-figures from a plethora of toy lines.


Nuno Mata said...

Hey There

Yolanda is a brand of Spain manufacturers of PVC figures and cake Toppers.
I dont know theat figure from the catalogs that i have but i belive its one of the Peter Pan´s Pirates.
I know they have a collection of the Peter Pan animated movie...

Great find by the way...normaly those figures are paited...

Big Hug

Nuno Mata

Soupie said...

Wow, thanks for the great info as always. I've been trolling the web looking for information on Yolanda for about 2 years now.

Is there anywhere I can buy the catalogs you refer to?

Thanks again for the info. I'll try some searches for Peter Pan mini figures!

Nuno Mata said...

Well i have a catalog that i could scan for you.
They are very rare and those figures from Peter Pan are not in it.
This catalog is from 2009 and it refers to the figures as Cake Toppers.
I just have to find Time to scan all the 60 pages of it.
It will be a very heavy file to send to you but i think i could do it.
Some figures are very hard to find and others i can still find around here in Portugal, from time to time.
If you go to this site and write PVC or will find very interesting stuff...visit to find other beautifull stuff in the Brinquedos Antigos category.

Ill see what i can do for you and if you would like to aquire any figures just say so...That goes for everyone who reads this and its interested in this kind of collecting.

ill send you the catalog as soon as i can

Best wishes

Soupie said...

Thanks! Maybe you could do something like 10 pages at a time. I cant wait to see it!

Id love to see pics of any mono Yolanda figures you have. :)

Fkro6784 said...

I just got my first Yolanda figure after admiring this dude for a while on your site. He's bright green and looks like he could fit in with this guy, but I think he's Dragon Ball Z. Will have to take a pic soon!

Gog said...

Hi Soupie (and friends of MFXD)!

I also think it could be one of Peter Pan's pirates.

Today I have posted a new article about Yolanda toys, that you might like to read. It also deals with small monochromatic promo figures. Find it here:


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