Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yie Ar Kung Fu Figure Foto

Toy Line: Yie Ar Kung Fu

Sculpt Names: Buchu, Blues, Oolong, and Blues (again)

Collector's Note: Wrestling and (mixed) martial arts are popular in Japan and are thus expressed in the medium of keshi. Above are a few fun examples. I love the light blue color. It allows the sculpt's details to pop.

I'm not certain if these figures are all from the same line or not, nor their names. I will say though that the top fellow reminds me of the ever lovable Abdullah the Butcher.

Update: Special thanks to Bigazzhead for the id in the comments!


Bigazzhead said...

I think you might have boots from konami's Yie Ar Kung fu series. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/yiearkungfu/yiearkungfu.htm
You're abdulah looks like Buchu, the blue guy is either Blues or Oolong but the official figure I've seen is usually in the middle of a jump kick. And I'm pretty sure the other 2 are from the same series but can't say for sure if the blue one is Oolong then these 2 are probably Blues or vice versa. I could be mistaken and they might be official, but Konami usually stamps their stuff, and I've seen that top half of the blue guy on jump kicking legs which were stamped. Heh heh, as I type this I do a quick google search and come across this

Soupie said...

I think you're right, mate! Thanks! I appreciate the ID.

The Buchu and Oolong figures don't have any trademarkings; the other two have the copyright symbol and some kanji.

Bonhomme said...

I knew the NES game (impossible to play pass the third boss or so, it was just too hard for me) but never knew they did such neat little toys to go along!

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