Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Body Wars Figure Foto

Body Wars

Toy Line: Body Wars

Sculpt Name: Ache-Maker

Color: Dark Orange with Brown, Blue, White, Red and Black paint apps.

Collector's Note: Another entry for the Body Wars toys. This one comes from the Major Headway and the Skull Skanner playset.
Have you wondered about his size? Here is the answer.


Kaizar said...

Dear lord. Even microscopic creatures have a better physique than I do D=

Nice hammer.

Soupie said...

This line - or at least the mini-figures - were sculpted by James Groman. He posted on a blog in August of 2011 that he was going to have "American Greetings bring these guys back." Huh!? How cool would that be?


nanoFatato said...

Wow, cool indeed!
I can't help but think of how many creatures/characters would be possible within the 'body diseases' theme.. and how disgustings gross!! haha!

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