Thursday, December 15, 2011

Body Wars Figure Foto

Body Wars

Toy Line: Body Wars

Sculpt Name: Flu-Bug

Color: Green with White, Red and Blue paint apps

Collector's Note: Developed by Tomax in 1994, the Body Wars brand has 6 playsets (Lung, Brain, Eye, Heart, Skull and Stomach) where each one comes with a Health Hero and two Germ Warriors. This little guy (about 1" tall) comes from the Sgt. Gastro Growler and the Digo-Destroyer playset.


Kaizar said...

Jesus! An insect with a gun! I'm in love! *.*

Nuno Mata said...

This is great!

Great figure and great find!

Never Knew these...

Soupie said...

That is an awesome little dude. Im familier with this line, and ive seen the good guy minifigs, but this is the first Germ Warrior ive ever seen. Haha, hes great!

Bonhomme said...

A whole pan of 1990's goodness I was too old to see at the time when I moved from toys to horror movies, VHS and all.

Great little bug!

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