Monday, December 12, 2011

Soupie Figure Fotos

Toy Line:
 Sculpts by me, Soupie

Sculpt Names: Utt & Ewok

Collector's Note: First of all, like this entire blog, my sculpting is born purely out of a love for mini-figures. I don't have any illusions of creating professional level pieces. 

The first piece, Utt, was sculpted using a 50/50 mixture of Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm. He stands about 3" tall. I don't plan on taking that piece any further. 

I liked the Sculpey because I could work the material with sculpting tools but also with my fingers. However, I found working with the soft material at 2-3" mini-figure scales was too difficult, especially with my extreme lack of experience and meager skills.

The second piece is sculpted using Willow Wax. It stands about 1.5" tall. I love the wax greatly and prefer it over the Sculpey. When warmed, the wax can be molded into shape with the fingers, but when room temperature, it's nearly as hard as plastic. Slowly whittling away at the piece with carving tools and a wax pen suits my skill level and sculpting style much better.

I will continue to work on this piece and eventually add some fine details. I hope.


redJar said...

Liking the Ewok a lot. Look forward to seeing its development.

Soupie said...

Thanks! I took a pic of it at this very early stage because I kind of anticipate things going downhill from here as I try to add detail. I hope not, but we'll see.

nanoFatato said...

Yeah the ewok sculpt looks very promising, keep up the good work! Are you going to give to Utt a friend?

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