Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toy Line Melee Figure Foto

Toy Lines: Gegege No Kitaro Vs. Star Wars Galactic Heroes

Collector's Note: Welcome to the first "Toy Line Melee" Figure Foto! These entries will feature two toy lines matched up against one another in a bloody fight to the death. Okay, not really, but they will feature pics of multiple figures from two toy lines together in a diorama. And they will be matched against one another by way of a few simple criterion. For each criterion, I will choose the superior toy line, at least based on my humble opinion. (Feel free to disagree with me in the comments.)

Okay, let the melee begin:

Aesthetics: Cripes, this is gonna be tough. It goes without saying that I love the looks of both lines; however, I have been in love with the Wookie sculpt from the day I first set eyes on it. The Galactic Heroes win this category. (Did I mention my logic will be poor and biased?)

Creativity: Another toughie. Hm, gonna have to give the edge to Gegege; while the world of Star Wars is certainly fantastic, the world of Japanese Yokai has few equals when it comes to the depth of fantastical characters.

Power: (This criterion is related to the quality of the actual figures, to an extent. I know that not all minifigure toy lines are produced with the same level of quality for various reasons. Moreover, the relative quality of a toy line doesnt always effect how much enjoyment it brings to those who collect/play with the toy line. Thus, this criterion will also consider the "power" of the characters in the toy line.) Having said all that, shazbat, another tough one!

I was gonna give the Gegege Yokai the edge here based on their supernatural prowess, but the Galactic Heroes have as one of their members a little green guy you made have heard of who goes by the name Yoda. Most powerful he is. Little master Yoda gives the Galactic Heroes the edge in power.

Victor: And the winner of the first ever MXD Toy Line Melee is Star Wars Galactic Heroes.

Hope you enjoyed!


Kaizar said...

Will there be a trophy?

Soupie said...

Ha, hadnt thought of that. Do you have something in mind, haha?

Kaizar said...

I don't. D=

Lets see. Hmmm.

A trophy-playset designed for the winners?=D It could look like a crowned mountain with the logo of this site surrounded by jelly beans =D

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