Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gargamel Micro Kaiju Figure Foto

Toy Line: Gargamel Micro Kaiju

Sculpt Name: Micro Zagoran

Collector's Note: Gargamel has created a brilliant line of hard vinyl mini-figures based off of popular, larger vinyl sculpts. They stand at approximately 1.5" and have a delightful amount of detail. Several have swivel articulation at the neck, like old Zags above.

True to vinyl standards, these guys aren't cheap, clocking in at around $25 and up. :sniffle:

I've got a handful of these with more on the way. Look for a full entry... Some day. :D

Until then, take another peek at one I posted a few months ago.


Chogokin Jawa said...

Mate this one is not the Pocket Zagoran (or Pocket Zag) but the Micro Zagoran.
They are made by the Japanese company Gargamel.

Soupie said...

Thank you, thank you! Finding info on these little guys has been surprisingly tough. I think some of the info gets lost in translation. So the two guys I've documented here at MXD so far are "micro" kaiju and they are produced by Gargamel, not Super7, right?

I have 4 more sculpts, and I'll be putting together an entry for them asap!

Chogokin Jawa said...

Yes the orange Micro Ooze Bat is also from Gargamel :)

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