Thursday, January 26, 2012

Space Wars Figure Foto

Toy Line: HG Toys "Space Wars" Thanks to Krainville for the ID in the comments!

Sculpt Name: Giant Robot

Color: Red

Collector's Note: It's made of hard plastic. I would guess it's a character from one of the many Japanese robot mangas or animes. It resembles Dragun from the Shogun Warriors toy line and several characters from the Jumbo Machinder line too for that matter.

Update: Check the comments below for more info and some links.


Soupie said...

Ha, I wonder if this is the line to which it belongs:

krainville said...

It's one of the two Robots included with the HG Toys "Space Wars" playset from 79/80-ish. The second robot was another 'Shogun Warrior' knock0off in navy blue.

Playset seen here:

nanoFatato said...

Wow! Thanks for the update krainville!

Soupie said...

Yes, thank you! Awesome.

Here's another website featuring the toy line:

It looks like the above sculpt came in dark blue as well!

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