Saturday, January 28, 2012

OMFG! UOM Figure Foto

Toy Line: OMFG!
Sculpt Name: King Castor
Color: University of MUSCLE Yellow
Collector's Note: The first wave of OMFG! is comprised of five creative and highly detailed sculpts, but King Castor is a standout for me. It's not that I feel the sculpt itself is necessarily superior to the other figures, but the character especially captures my imagination. (The comic panel for King Castor that Ralph Niese created only adds to the character's imaginative appeal. You can see the full comic at the Onell Glyos blog. Check the resources menu on the right for a link.)
The UOM yellow is super attractive as I hope you can see. I had mixed feelings about it at first. I thought it might be too "mustardy" but that's not the case. And I especially love the header card. It may be my favorite of the bunch, and that's saying something as they're all nice and fun. As for the baggy itself; let's just say I was afraid to touch it for fear that it would disintegrate on contact, haha!


Ericnilla said...

i have yet to get mine yet, but they are such a cool color~!

nanoFatato said...

Hah! Great minds think alike Soups, King Castor is my favourite character too ^__^

Today I got the Rotofugi set, UoM, LRG, October Toys and Artist Color sets are still on their way..

Nuno Mata said...

Hey there

as you know im from there anyone that can send me a colecction of these figures?

Ill pay for them or trade them for figures that i have spare

Please reply for may email or in here...


nanoFatato said...

Hi Nuno, all the sets are available for international shipping too, check this link to get all the informations you need:

krakit said...

The Outlandish Mini Figure Guys sets
are AWESOME!! Great photos, Soupie said...

I'm glad you like them. I'll admit, even I was nervous how the color would actually turnout. But I was thrilled when I actually saw them in my hand.

As for the header card, I agree! My best friend saved me at the zero hour with his design - and it blew my mind!

The bag. That was a lesson learned with this project. I never would have thought to worry about the bag. Now I will. Thankfully these figures are meant to be opened!

nanoFatato said...

Got my set yesterday! W00t!
I must say I was a little skeptical about this color, I thought it couldn't bring out details too much but I was definitely WRONG.

I have'em right now on my desk and they are just great, the color is quite appealing in person and stands out a lot with the LRG green together. :)

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