Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gormiti Figure Foto

Toy Line: Gormiti Battle Egg

Sculpt Name: Florus the Poisoner (Thanks to Aikola!)

Collector's Note: This line is based on the dissolving container gimmick that has been around for years, but which I've most recently encountered a few years ago with a BEN 10 mini-figure line. In this case, a single Gormiti is encased in a "Battle Egg." Once placed in water, the egg slowly dissolves revealing a tiny figure.

Apologies for the lack of comparison pics. The egg was roughly the size of a baseball, and the figure is about an inch tall. Which in my opinion means the dissolvable egg was much larger then necessary considering how small the figure is.

The figure was incased in the egg with arms unattached. They're tiny enough to slip down a large drain so be mindful of that.

Thanks to my mate nano Fatato who is the webmaster of Rubber Fever for hooking me up with this figure!

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Aikola said...

His name is Florus the Poisoner.

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