Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gormiti Figure Foto


Toy Line: Gormiti 2nd Series

Sculpt Name: Barbataus (Lord of the Forest)

Color: Acid Green

Collector's Note: This unpainted figure, straight from HK, is a good example on how cool would be a gormiti line of mono-colored figures. I don't see it happening though.. sigh.


Soupie said...

Holy %$*&! What do I have to do to get some of these!?

Honestly, if there was a line of mono Gormiti, I would be ALL over these. Thanks SO much for sharing this here, mate!


redJar said...

That is much more appealing than the painted figures. Tis a shame. Thanks for sharing.

nanoFatato said...

The only 'official' monos gormiti that are out there are the gold and silver ones. I'm experimenting a little with paint remover on some figures but it's hard to wipe away ALL the paint. :(

Bigazzhead said...

Wow, I've never been into gormiti, and I think I can see why now. Though some of Nano's earlier photos have made me think twice, but now I see this little darling and my mind is blown. That acid green color is just amazing.

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