Saturday, March 17, 2012

OMFG! Cardboard Close-Up

Phantom Shithaus

Card Series: OMFG! Series I

Release Date: 2012

Collector's Note: Man, this is a shitty card! :D The Phantom Shithouse, conceived and designed by Kyle Thye and sculpted by Ralph Niese for series I of the super very awesome toy line OMFG! I love this piece because Ralph seems to go out of his way to capture just how crappy this character is! Just look at that feces ooze! You can almost smell the stank wafting off of it! Well done, Ralph. The red background, yellow text box, and font are also retrotastic!

Be sure to check out more Shithaus artwork by Dr. Niese featured in the OMFG! online comic hosted at Onell Design HQ.

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