Friday, March 9, 2012

Super Deformed Asyuraman Keshi Figure Foto

Toy Line: Super Deformed Kinnikuman Keshi

Sculpt Name: Asyuraman

Color: Green, Red & Yellow

Collector's Note: Kinnikuman Keshi figures are quite popular, but it's time to put light on their Super Deformed (or SD) counterpart! Let's start with Asyuraman character showed in 3 colors out of 5 existing (flesh & blue are missing).


Josh Blair said...

That's one of the best looking SD figures. Although, with the holes in their hand and their positioning, it looks like they're....uhhhhh...nevermind.

King.the.100t said...

Fantastic pic!

Soupie said...

Indeed, I'm constantly blown away by the crispness of Chogos pictures!

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