Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MIMP Blanko Figure Foto

MIMP Wrestler MIMP Wrestler

Blank MIMP Blank MIMP

MIMP Wrestler MIMP Wrestler

MIMP Wrestler Blank MIMP

Toy Line: Monster Wrestlers In My Pocket ( M.W.I.M.P. )

Sculpt Name(s): Shark Bite and Frank the Stone

Collector's Note: First of all, I can't believe it took me this long to create "custom" blank mini-figures and document them here at MXD. One-time contributor Matthew Fitz was working on some paint removal techniques years ago, but sadly disappeared from the hobby before he was able to show the results of his experimentation. Recently, current contributor nano Fatato posted a gorgeous image of a blank Gormiti figure from Hong Kong. This finally spurred me to try my hand at transforming painted mini-figures into BLANKO mini-figures! Nano, who was already working on some of his own, agreed and thought we should show before-and-after pics.

I would guess that most mini-figure collectors actually prefer their figures to be painted, or at least have some paint apps, but there are those of us out there who prefer our mini-figures to be monochromatic. We have seen many a mini-figure line fall short of its true potential due to a few washed-out paint apps. We're always left wondering what could have been. No more.

Blanko Figure Foto entries will be devoted to featuring painted mini-figures transformed into beautifully blank mini-figures! We hope you enjoy! (And don't be surprised if some non-mini-figure toys make appearances as well. I have found that any toy made blank looks infinitely better.)

As to the figures at hand, I've always admired the sculpts and base rubber colors of the MWIMPs. However, not being a fan of paint apps, I've always shied away from this line. I've always wondered what these pieces would look like mono. Now I know! I love 'em.

Blank MIMP

Blank MIMP

Egg Crusher of the Bad Eggz Bunch stops by for a visit.

A link to all Blanko Figure Fotos will be added to the side menu.


redJar said...

They look much better sans paint. I agree that many toys look better without paint. I find it is due to paint, especially on cheaper toys with quick cheap paint, that a lot of detail disappears.

Will have to get a few of the wrestlers and remove their paint now methinks.

Soupie said...

Totally agree.

Take Shark Bite above for example, detail on the chest and midsection that wasn't noticeable with paint comes to the forefront sans paint.

Johnny said...

Wow, those look so much better sans paint!

Ericnilla said...

Wow, this worked great. These figures look amazing~!

Aikola said...

What did you use to remove the paint? I need to do this to some of my many spares. Fistful of Power Crystals would look awesome!

nanoFatato said...

Wow Soups, you started with a blast!
I've always underestimate MIMP wrestlers but I must admit that they look awesome unpainted!

..more to come! :P

Soupie said...

@Aikola: After much trial and error, and a suggestion from Eric Nilla, I found a non-toxic paint stripper called Bulls Eye made by a company called Zinsser.

@nano: Can't wait to see!

Bigazzhead said...

Such a simple and brilliant idea.

Bonhomme said...

Neat both in mono and colour! The result are really neat; that's a splendid idea for double and extras.

Frank N'Stone is a hoot in any case; a wrestling Frankenstein Monster mini figure that came in a breakfast cereal box coached by Tony the Tiger. What's not to love?

Felipe Ahedo said...

Wow . looks very very cool !!!

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