Sunday, April 8, 2012

Unidentified Figure Foto

Photo Apr 1, 2012 10:19 PM

Toy Line: Unknown

Sculpt Name: Unknown

Collector's Note: No, it's not the Geico gecko. I'm not sure what it is, but it's a fun little sculpt. I've got a few more to post soon as well. I got them from my mate, nano. He probably knows what they are, but if you do too, let me know!

Update: Here are more pics. The largest green and smallest yellow look to be the same sculpt albeit at different scales, but upon close inspection one can note some subtle differences. The pic with those two sculpts is at scale. However, the pic with all three sculpts, including the middle-sized green figure holding the sphere (fruit or happy Easter egg) is a collage made from three different pictures, so the scale between figures is not exact.

Unidentified Lizard Keshi

Unidentified Lizard Keshi

Unidentified Lizard Keshi


nanoFatato said...

I wish I would know too Soups :(
It's a gecko then? I always thought he was a little chameleon hah!

URS said...

It looks like a Chameleon to me. Looks like something from a video game.

Soupie said...

Yeah, I was kidding with the Geiko comment. I'm not sure what it is, but the eyes look like a chameleon. I'll take some pics of the other sculpts asap.

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