Sunday, April 8, 2012

Phantom Outhouse Figure Foto

OMFG! S1: Phantom Outhouse

Toy Line: OMFG!

Sculpt Name: Phantom Shithouse (Outhouse)

Color: Artist Proof

Collector's Note: The Phantom Shithouse, conceived and designed by Kyle Thye and sculpted by Ralph Niese for series I of the super very awesome toy line OMFG!, manages to be both menacing and hilarious at the same time. The concept and the sculpt are delightful. Pure mini figure win.

Since the line's release, some interesting facts and ideas have been tossed around concerning the Shithouse. Over at the October Toys forum, member PharmaDan shared that outhouses with the moon symbol indicate an outhouse designated for female use. He speculated that the Phantom Shithouse may thus be a female! However, member URS speculated that the phantom possessing the outhouse was a creepy guy who had been hiding under the toilet of the outhouse waiting to do some peeping. Unable to get back out from under the toilet, he died and became the Phantom Outhouse. However, he's still interested in the gals which is why he's still looking for a hug, haha.


Bonhomme said...

That backhouse creepy backstory is splendid. I like both the girl outhouse and peeping tom version!

Anyway, part of the fun for most mini figure as a kid was figuring out their stories and play possibilities with little to no background, perhaps a name with some luck, and the look of the figure itself. Think of M.U.S.C.L.E, Monster in my Pocket and Weird ball Wrestler...

Soupie said...


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