Saturday, May 5, 2012

MIMP Figure Foto

MIMP Tarasque

MIMP Tarasque

Toy Line: MIMP Series Two (Not to be confused with MIMP Generation Two.)

Sculpt Name: Tarasque

Color: Neon Magenta

Collector's Note: Seeing as MIMP is probably the second most recognizable "Western Keshi" toy line behind MUSCLE, I probably don't give it nearly enough attention here at MXD. The sculpts are detailed and dynamic; they're cast in a high quality, pleasingly-soft, nice-textured plastic; there are dozens of unique figures most of which are fairly easy to acquire, but also a few hard-to-find figures that add to the fun of collecting the line; and finally, the sculpts are of all manner of amazing, fantastic creatures. The line has a lot to offer.

For whatever reason, I have never collected this line.

Once when I was a kid and really into Star Wars figures, my sister got me a few Christmas presents. Even at my young, oblivious age, I could tell she was very excited to see my reaction when I opened them. I knew immediately that they were action figures. But when I opened them, to my utter horror, I saw that they were Buck Rogers figures. (Even though I loved Buck Rogers and had the hots for Princess Ardala, the figures soon found their way to the bottom of my toy box.) If I recall correctly, I was able to throw on a weak smile and give my sister a stiff hug. It was all I could muster due to the shock of it all.

Anyhow, my point is, when I was little and doing my best to acquire an army of pink MUSCLE men, everything else took second place; that includes colored MUSCLE men (if you can really consider them true MUSCLE men) and, of course, MIMP. MUSCLE was my mini figure Star Wars, and MIMP was its Buck Rogers.

Now, as an older and wiser mini figure collector, I recognize the true quality of MIMP. XD

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nanoFatato said...

I started to loosely collect this line only 5 or 6 years ago, I don't know why but they never really caught me when I was a kid.
In my opinion the second series have some of the best sculpts in the entire line, and the one featured in this post is a pretty good example :)

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