Monday, May 7, 2012

3A Mini Bertie Figure Foto


Toy Line: threeA Mini Bertie

Sculpt Name: Mini Bertie

Color: DIY (White)

Collector's Note: There were two varities of Mini Berties released with 3A’s WWR Rothchild drop: a white "DYI" set of 20 and a black "Dark" set of 12. The Dark set had a scaled down version of the Dirty Deeds colorway. The Mini Bertie is based on the full-scale Bertie 3A figure. The DYI set was, as the name suggests, designed for customizers, such as the outstanding Monsterforge of the October Toys forum.

Of course I'm quite content with my plain, old, boring solid white Mini Bertie. I had to snag mine off of eBay. I actually bought two, but one arrived with its feet snapped off; that was partly due to the thin ankle plastic, but mostly due to them being shipped in a plain envelope. #packagingfail

Furthermore, the one that didn't come in pieces won't stand on its own without being propped on something.

Here's a comparison pic with the SLUG Zombies' King Guts to get a sense for its lovely mini scale.


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Great looking picture of the two figures together!

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