Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ninja Fighters Figure Foto

Bootleg Turtles

Toy Line: Ninja Fighters

Sculpt Name: Unknown

Color: Pale green

Collector's Note: Series of bootleg figures of TMNT. Cheap plastic, stands and color screams 'Army Men' toys!

Edit: Check out more info and pics over at My Best Toys!


Soupie said...

Nice! I always have a soft spot in my heart for bootlegs!

Interesting that the figure is holding a kunai. I couldn't find any reference to a TMNT ever using one. (Of course, I only did a google search. Heh.)

Nuno Mata said...

Hey there!
As far as i know, these figure came out in a series of Kellogs cereal. At least back here in Europe. They came at around 1989 and i still dont know how many diferent figures complete the collection!
See more of them in my blogue at

I hope this information helps!


Soupie said...

Awesome. Added it to the post!

nanoFatato said...

Wow, look at those colors!
Here in Italy I always see them in a bootleg blister with 25/30 green figures in it (called Ninja Fighters).

I didn't know that they were produced in more colors!

Bonhomme said...

Soupie, about the kunai, the original Playmate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figure (which this toys is based on) had this large Fist Daggers that came out their weapon pack.

I think that this figure weapon is mean't to replicate the look of this dagger more than an actual kunai. I don't know if they're a proper japanese / historical name (or reality) for this dagger weapon. It's basically a handle with a triangular blade; all four turtle brothers and Shredder came with it in the 1988 Playmate lineup. They also had a smaller one with a three spiked blade.

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