Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cheap Toys Repros Figure Foto





Toy Line: GPK Cheap Toys Series Two Reproductions

Sculpt Names: Les Vegas and Berserk Kirk

Color: Custom Green and Yellow (non-Novo Bonbon)

Collector's Note: These two figures are custom reproductions of S2 Cheap Toys figures. They were produced by Eric Nilla, noted illustrator, sculptor, and mold-maker/caster. Eric has quickly been increasing his skills as a mold-maker and mini-figure caster, and it shows with these two Cheap Toys reproductions. He appears to have cleanly captured every detail of both highly-detailed sculpts.

Unless attempting to complete a toy set, I'm not typically one to acquire multiple figures of a sculpt. Rather I'm happy to have one figure of a sculpt in a color that shows its detail well. Thus, I've never been a big purchaser of repros. However, in this case, I don't currently own original S2 Cheap Toys - and I've never owned these two sculpts in particular - but I'm a huge fan. Therefore, adding these two figures to my collection is very satisfying. I can finally admire the wonderful Les Vegas sculpt up close and personal.

For those who are opposed to reproductions on philosophical grounds or for fears that they will devalue original S2 figures, have no fears. These figures are easily distinguished from authentic S2 figures; they are made of an incredibly pleasant, firm but flexible rubber and they have noticeable (but not obtrusive) dremel marks on the bottoms of their feet. Finally, the colors do not exactly match the original Novo Green and Yellow.

Well done, Eric. I can't wait to see which mini-figure line you visit next!


Eric Nilla said...

Great write up, thank you~!

nanoFatato said...

I don't own a custom of Eric yet, but I'm looking at the SR MUSCLE can for quite a time now..

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