Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crite Figure Foto

Toy Line: N/A

Sculpt Name: Crite

Color: Pink, Green, Black

Collector's Note: This AWESOME little sculpt is a production of PlasticSoul a.k.a. Zectron a very nice guy with unbelievable sculpting skills. His work has some resemblance to sci-fi/horror franchises that graced us in the '80s (like Ghoulies or Gremilins), when CGI couldn't ruin yet the amazing works of puppeteers and many talented people.

Thanks to Eric Nilla his creation has been brought to life (..rubber?) and here's the result!

The first small batch has instantly sold out but more is in the works as you read. Plus, a resin version is also in production!

Be sure to head over to his blog to see many more pics and keep you updated on when it will be available!.


Soupie said...

Great entry! This is an incredible custom sculpt. Superb detail! I've been unable to get one, but I'm on the list for wave two.

I wonder if he has plans for additional sculpts?

And you're right on about puppeteering being superior to CGI. Ah, the good old days...

Zectron said...

Thanks so much for the entry. This has always been my favorite mini-figure site and having something i made featured here feels like a great accomplishment.

As soon as i have more i will let you both know.

I do have another Critter-inspired sculpt in the works as well as a few other things inspired by 80's monster movies.

That whole genre was brilliant before CGI ruined it. Puppets and furry covered robots are how it was supposed to be. Not actors standing in front of a blue screen while staring at a tennis ball on a stick.

LittleWeirdos said...

These are so damn cool. I want! I am partial to the green ones but all colors look great. :)

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