Saturday, February 16, 2013

OMFG! Series II Figure Foto

OMFG! II Shirtle

OMFG! II Shirtle

OMFG! II Shirtle

Toy Line: OMFG! Series II

Sculpt Name: Shirtle

Color: LRG Plum

Collector's Note: Now that I have series two of the OMFG! toy line in hand, Shirtle has become my favorite of the bunch. I'm typically not one for goofy/silly minfigures, but I find the style and simplicity of this sculpt very attractive. Look for a full entry on this series some time in the future. (Um... after I get a real entry for Series I together that is...)


nanoFatato said...

Great shots! I tried to take some pictures of S1 figures in that plum color but it's VERY hard..
But I like it a lot anyway.. :)

Soupie said...

Yes, this was try number two for me as well. I tired on a black background and failed. It's a tricky color to capture. (More reason to get a nicer camera.)

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