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Name of Toy Line: Canne'Boids

Production Company: Bah'glenn Creations

Distributor: Bah'glenn Creations

Years of Production: 2011

Countries/Regions Available: Worldwide via Internet

Size/Scale: 2"

Figure Trade Markings: None

Approximate # of Figures: 18


Canne'Boids: Carnivorous aliens who eat other sentient races. Warlike, highly violent and immensely strong. Avoid at all costs. If you see one, run as there are probably more hiding nearby - and they might be hungry.

Canne'Boids are the creations of Chris Negri, or Bah'glenn, as he goes by on his blog, Bah'glenn Creations. From what I've been able to gather, Bah'glenn has been making custom mini figures - many of them using Glyos parts - and using these cool figures in elaborate photo comics posted on his blog. Perhaps at the request of fans of his comics and custom figures, Bah'glenn decided to turn one of his creations - the Canne'Boids - into a toy that other toy collectors could call their own.

The Canne'Boids line consists of figures having one of two custom head sculpts, one pair of custom hand sculpts, and Glyos Buildman body parts. There are two main colorways: black and blue. The blue colorway consists of some figures with translucent green leg or arm limbs. Each figure came with cool accessories and/or body parts such as a tail. Finally, they are made of injection molded PVC. (Be sure to check the following entry at his blog to double check on all that, haha.)

In all, there were a total of 18 figures made in the first wave of Canne'Boids. Their sale was a success, so hopefully there will be more. Bah'glenn has already hinted at more to come, so the future looks bright for this line. Okay, let's take a look at some pictures! The piece I acquired was Canne'Boid #14 and was part of the Bramblespine Pack.

The packaging for this little dude totally set the stage for awesomeness. It screams 1980's, and totally reminds me of something out of the Mini Boglins universe!


Seeing that brown fur poof out of the side of the box has to be one of the coolest mini figure-related things I've ever seen, haha. The detail on the packaging - which has always been one of my favorite things about mini figure toy lines and is often missing in custom toy lines - really speaks to the creativeness and thought put into this project.



The figure itself is also popping with detail and color. The blue colorway figures all came with brown hair. What a badass little dude. I don't usually use that adjective for toys, but this little fiend is intimidating even though he's only 2 inches tall.



Here's a shot of the back of the figure. He's got a Glyos female piece to accept a custom tail (not pictured) that came included as the accessory. The tail is cool, but I prefer my Canne'Boid with tail cropped. :D



In the above shot, you can clearly see the translucent green arms. The green arms work because they accent the brilliant green eyes of the figure; however, I would like to see a blue colorway figure with solid blue arms as well. I think that would look nice.

You can also clearly see the custom arm plate the Canne'Boid is adorned with. A nice touch! And Bah'glenn warned all of us that Canne'Boids were trouble, and it didn't take my guy long to find some. Here's a pic of him stalking some doe-eyed, baby Ewoks. "Run little, fellers, run!"


While the first 18 figures have already been snatched away by eager collectors, keep your eyes glued to the Bah'glenn Creations blog for news of future releases. Also, you can see images of the black colorway at his blog as well. I'm really thrilled with my first piece from Bah'glenn and his team, and I'm anxious to see what comes next!

Oh, and as for what "Canne'Boid" actually means, I have no idea and wouldn't want to venture a guess.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent review, and you were spot on about your observation with the packaging: I am a HUGE Boglins fan and wanted the packaging for the canne'boids to mimic that "the thing inside this box isn't a toy- it's real!" vibe of the Boglins. I liked them so much that my nick name years ago was 'Boglin' to a bunch of my friends & I altered the spelling to "Bah'glenn" to make it more original.

Their design comes from a mixture of stuff from my subconscious; I see them as a little bit of Grizzlor from MotU, some Crites from the "Critters" movies and a pinch of the Narlies from the ROCK LORDS toy line. I think there may also be some Muppet monsters mixed in there too, as I did like those as a child.

The name "canne'boid" is basically a play on their race being very cannibalistic in that they'll eat their own kind and also cannibalize weapons and equipment from any other alien races they encounter. I had no clue there's a part of the human brain with a very similiar spelling LoL.

Anyway I'm glad you like it, and keep an eye out on my blog; there should be some new stuff coming out in the next few months, but I don't want to jinx myself by coming out with a release date until I hold the toys in my hands.

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